Whether you’re in the woods or on the range, hearing clearly is key to communication, success and your safety. Yet, the competing need to simultaneously protect your hearing from the deafening sound of muzzle blasts has — until now — created a unique noise management challenge. SoundGear™ changes all that.

SoundGear all-digital hearing protection products block loud, harmful noises while still allowing basic communication and sounds to be heard. This prevents hearing loss without inhibiting performance by providing the most advanced digital technology and sound enhancement in one device. The instruments are capable of enhancing sound eight times more than traditional hearing protection products.


  • High-definition sound reproduction
  • Up to 8x sound enhancement over traditional hearing protection products
  • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) between 24 dB and 26 dB depending on model
  • Seamless sound-activated compression automatically suppresses noises

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